About Us


Our Story as told by one wife


Over the years, they've all played in different bands, they'd stop playing for a while. Next thing you know, you hear them humming tunes, then they start telling you about a song they heard the other day, how great it was, then you notice the music at the house and in the car is being played louder than it has been, in a while. Then, they start going to jam with friends. Then, they start jamming more often, they say their going to "practice", then someone askes them to play a gig, "What's the name of your band?" Hmmm.,,., we need to have a name. Different names are thrown around. They decide on "To Far". They play a few more gigs like they did, back in the day. Then they think that's not to bad, that was fun, lets play some more. They can't help it, they love music. Of course Cheryl and I will follow them around, we also have a love of music, and throw in some people watching, dancing, and lots of laughs, it doesn't get much better............ Them Old Farts Ain't Right.


What Inspires Us


Simply put, A Party! We grew up in an era of muscle cars and some of the best music ever produced. So we like to have fun and our standards are high. We have the most fun when our audience has fun, so that’s the goal. We enjoy classic rock, blues and renegade country. Now lets get the party started!!!

My Blog

      With the New Year being on a weekday. ToFar Band will be playing in Stillwater at the Elks the Saturday between Christmas and New Years, Sat Dec 27th. Come celebrate New Years a little early or just because you want to. Get out and have a little fun.  You've earned it!

      ToFar Band is currently booking 2020 Shows so contact us before we fill up